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⚡ Electrical Section: Powering Your Projects with Expertise and Innovation 💡

mcc panels
MCC Panels

      Experience the efficiency and convenience of our Motor Control Center (MCC), a compact assembly housing multiple motor control units with a common power bus. This factory-assembled solution offers streamlined motor control and easy installation, ensuring optimal performance and centralized control for your industrial applications. Discover the perfect solution for efficient motor management with our reliable Motor Control Center.

selector switch
AC Contactor

   Discover the convenience of our Contractor, an electrically controlled relay designed to switch electrical power circuits. It operates by using a lower power level circuit, such as a 24-volt coil electromagnet, to control the switching of a higher power circuit, like a 230-volt motor switch. Experience the perfect solution for efficient and reliable power control with our dependable Contractor.

selector switch
Thermal Overload

   Ensure optimal motor protection with our Thermal Overload Relays, designed to safeguard against overload and phase failure. These cost-effective electro-mechanical devices provide reliable protection for motors in the main circuit, offering peace of mind and preventing potential damage. Experience the perfect solution for motor protection with our dependable Thermal Overload Relays

Auxiliary Contactor.jpg
Auxiliary Contactor

    Experience enhanced control and versatility with our Auxiliary Contactor, a reliable electrical switch used to control auxiliary circuits in conjunction with main contactors. This compact and efficient device enables seamless integration of additional control functions, providing expanded functionality and improved operational efficiency. Discover the perfect solution for auxiliary circuit control with our dependable Auxiliary Contactor

selector switch
Selector Switch

     Discover the versatility of our Manual Selector Switch, designed to direct signals to different ports for various applications. With ten scale plates to choose from, this switch offers flexibility in performing a range of functions. Choose between vented and non-vented models to suit your specific requirements. Experience the perfect solution for signal routing and control with our dependable Manual Selector Switch

Push Buttons

     Enhance control and functionality with our Push Button Switch, a simple and reliable mechanism used for machine or process control. Designed specifically for MCC Panels, this switch provides convenient operation and allows users to easily control various aspects of their equipment or processes. Experience the perfect solution for seamless control with our dependable Push Button Switch.

indicator lamps
Indicator Lamp

      Stay informed about your HVAC system with our Indicator Lamp, a reliable and illuminating feature that provides clear visual signals for various conditions or statuses. Whether indicating power, operation, or system alerts, our Indicator Lamp ensures easy monitoring and prompt response for optimal HVAC performance. Experience the perfect solution for clear and effective visual indications with our dependable Indicator Lamp in HVAC systems.

cable glands
Cable Glands

     Ensure reliable sealing and termination of cables with our Cable Glands, essential devices for maintaining the integrity of enclosure characteristics. Designed to securely accommodate cable entry points, our Cable Glands provide a robust and efficient solution for maintaining proper sealing and protection. Experience the perfect choice for safeguarding your cable connections with our dependable Cable Glands

brass & g.i. glands
Brass & G.I. Glands

     For effective resistance against dripping water or water pressure, our Brass and GI Glands feature synthetic rubber or elastomer seals. These high-quality glands ensure reliable sealing and protection, making them ideal for applications where water ingress prevention is crucial. Experience the perfect combination of durability and water resistance with our dependable Brass and GI Glands.

cable ties
Cable Ties

    Securely fasten and organize your electrical cables or wires with our versatile Cable Ties. Known for their affordability and ease of use, cable ties are widely used for various applications due to their effectiveness. Experience the perfect solution for securing and managing cables with our reliable Cable Ties.

panel board wires
Panel Board wires

       A cable consisting of several metal strands twisted together.a flexible Ensure efficient electrical current transmission with our high-quality Panel Board Wire. Composed of multiple twisted metal strands, our flexible metallic conductor, typically insulated and made of copper, is designed to carry electric current in circuits. Experience reliable and effective power distribution with our dependable Panel Board Wire.conductor, esp one made of copper, usually insulated, and used to carry electriccurrent in a circuit. 

heat shrink
Heat Shrink

     Ensure reliable insulation and protection for your electrical work with our heat shrinkable plastic tubes. These tubes shrink when heated, creating a secure and tight seal around wires, offering excellent abrasion resistance and environmental protection. Ideal for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints, and terminals, our heat shrink tubes guarantee durability and safety in your electrical installations.

cable terminals
Cable Terminals

    Simplify your cable connections with our reliable cable terminals. These fixtures are designed to be easily installed at the end of a cable or conductor, providing a secure and efficient connection. With our cable terminals, you can streamline your wiring processes and ensure reliable electrical connections in various applications

cable markers
Cable Markers

    Efficiently identify and organize your cables with our cable markers. These markers wrap around the cable and feature clear identifying marks such as numbers or colors, simplifying the labeling process. With our cable markers, you can quickly and easily distinguish cables at a glance, eliminating the need for lengthy text labels on thin wires

Digital C Clamp

     Simplify current measurement in electrical systems with our digital C-clamp meter. Featuring a hinged jaw design, our meter allows technicians to securely clamp around wires or conductors to measure current without the need for disconnection or de-energization. With precise digital readings, our C-clamp meter offers convenience and accuracy for efficient electrical measurements.

Soldering Iron

    Efficiently join workpieces with our soldering iron, a versatile hand tool for soldering applications. The heated metal tip provides controlled heat to melt solder, enabling smooth flow into the joint. With its insulated handle and ergonomic design, our soldering iron ensures precise and comfortable operation for high-quality solder connections.

fire resistant cable
Fire Resistant Cable

    Ensure safety and compliance with our fire-resistant cable, designed to limit the spread of fire and meet IEC60332 combustion testing standards. Ideal for environments requiring flame retardancy, this cable minimizes the risk of fire propagation, offering reliable protection in critical applications.

flexible conduit
Flexible Conduit

    Our flexible conduit provides exceptional protection for cables in industrial, outdoor, and underground settings. Its durable full enclosure is designed to withstand moisture, vibration, oils, and other challenging conditions, ensuring reliable performance and extended cable lifespan.


   A fuse is an essential electrical safety device that provides reliable overcurrent protection for electrical circuits. It acts as a sacrificial element that interrupts the flow of current when it exceeds a predetermined limit, effectively safeguarding the circuit and connected equipment from damage or hazards.

Electrical Wires

     Electrical wire is a versatile component used to carry electrical currents and transmit telecommunications signals. It is typically produced by pulling or drawing a metal material through a die or draw plate, resulting in a solid or stranded conductor capable of handling various mechanical loads and electrical requirements.

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